General Information

Paranormal Indy


We at Paranormal Indy (PI) are a paranormal investigation team based in the Indianapolis area. Like most investigators, our interest in the paranormal was spawned by personal experiences.   Since forming in 2009, PI has completed many investigations in a multi-state area. The goal of each investigation is to find a logical explanation for the phenomenon or paranormal events that have reportedly taken place.  We have investigated local businesses, private residences, prisons, and historic battlegrounds. We conduct investigations upon request by individuals or businesses.

PI approaches each investigation with respect and reverence. PI does not utilize or promote any investigation technique that includes provoking any ghost, spirit or paranormal entity that may or may not be present.

PI is the official paranormal investigation group for The Guyer Opera House.  "The Guyer" is located in Lewisville, Indiana.


PI will not publish identity of the client or property owner.  PI will not publish the address of the property, other than city and state.

Fees – None

PI does not charge any fees for a private property investigation.  PI urges caution in dealing with a paranormal investigation group that does charge a fee.